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  1. Neil D'MonteThe Pianist - Bunraku (Movie)

    30th May 2016

    1.    Attend the very last Rush concert or direct your own TV show with today's hottest star? ~ Gigi

      Hi Gigi!
      I actually DID attend the very last Rush concert so I guess (by default) that my answer would be the latter.

  2. Joshua KilimnikOdd Todd - Odd Squad (TV Show)

    26th May 2016

    1.    Who plays Agent Orchid? ~ Spencer Miller

      They are played by Michela Luci, you can find her on Instagram!

    2.    Do you watch episodes of Odd Squad on TV? ~ Tiffany

      Well, I'm not in every episode so I don't know what the other episodes are like. I watch them for the writing, the acting, and the awesome effects!

  3. Chelsea OTooleJan - Don't Wake Mommy (Movie)

    25th May 2016

    1.    What's your favorite film you did to date and why? ~ Josh Giannott

      My favorite film that I did would be "Don't Wake Mommy". I always loved watching Lifetime films and was so happy to be in one! The other actors were great to play off of and the entire crew was a pleasure to work with. I like playing the comedic relief of a thrilling, dramatic film.

  4. Taylor-GraceRebekkah - The Box (Movie)

    25th May 2016

    1.    Did you take an acting class at school in order to be an actress? ~ Tiffany

      No, not at school. I did though take classes all throughout school with private coaches in order to improve my craft. XO - TG

  5. Dylan BrodyAuthor / Humorist / Story-teller

    25th May 2016

    Our Dylan Brody book Giveaway winners are:

    1. Dylan Brody: Do you feel you have more in common with Bob Dylan or Roy Scheider's character (Brody) in Jaws, and why? - Ruben Padilla
    2. When did you know you that you want to do stand up? - Paul
    3. If you were not Dylan Brody, which living artist/poet/comedian/author would you want to be and why? - Reb

    Congratulations, they have won a signed hard copy of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Very Good/Very Bad Cat" (featuring a story from Dylan Brody).

    His responses to the questions above and more can found here -->

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