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  1. Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

    13th January 2017

    1.    Would you consider a role as a vampire, werewolf or zombie? ~ Jamie

      Yes! Though vampire would be my favorite choice. They're still pretty :-P

    2.    A little #OTH question, I sometimes wonder how Taylor's life is now. And when you posted a picture with Tyler Hilton, I got this 'crazy' idea, about Taylor back to Tree Hill, with Chris Keller! So I would like to know what you think! ~ CĂ©line

      Oh I love that idea!

    3.    What project are you working on next? ~ Jamie

      Training Day airs February 2nd on cbs. I'm launching my new blog this month ! And I'm developing a couple of projects of my own.

  2. Peyton KennedyDr. O - Odd Squad (TV Show)

    9th January 2017

    1.    Who is your favorite Star wars character and why? ~ Hiroki

      My favourite STAR WARS character is Rey from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. She is smart, strong, and a good person. I even dressed up as her for Halloween last year! I think she's a great role model, and I'm super excited to see her in STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII. I also admire Princess Leia, who eventually became General Leia Organa. She, like Rey, is strong, smart, and an inspiring character. I'm really happy that young girls like me can see these strong female characters in leading roles. (RIP Carrie Fisher.)

    2.    What is your favorite movie ? ~ Adam

      My favourite movie right now (other than my own, of course!) is THE SIXTH SENSE, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. I loved everything about the movie. It was written extremely well, the acting was amazing, the direction was spot on, the list could go on and on. I don't want to give any spoilers, but there is a plot twist, and it was done spectacularly, I had no idea it was coming. I love every single element in this movie. This may change with the more movies I watch, and I love watching movies!

  3. Kacey FifieldKarissa - Game Shakers (TV Show)

    27th December 2016

    1.    At What Age Did You Know That You Wanted To Be Both A Singer And Actress? ~ Tiffany

      Since I was 5 years old I was putting on shows for my family at every gathering. I loved to act and sing since I can remember. But it wasn't after a few years later that I started acting classes and vocal lessons :)

  4. Hunter PaytonYoung Andrew - A to Z (TV Show)

    23rd December 2016

    1.    What has been your most challenging role to date, and why? ~ Ed Vela

      Hi There Ed Vela. My most challenging role so far was playing Young RJ Mitte in the movie Who's Driving Doug. I had to be in a wheelchair the entire time with muscular dystrophy and do stunts while in the chair. It was tough and I did a lot a research before on how I should act with muscular dystrophy so as to not offend anyone. Really enjoyed the movie.

    2.    Do You Make Cookies For Your Family Every Year On Christmas Day? ~ Tiffany

      Hi Tiffany. Happy Holidays. I do make cookies every year with my family before Christmas and we watch the movie Elf. We also drink a lot of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Thank you for the question.

  5. Michelle Elise ShockMicca - Rockabilly Zombie Weekend (Movie)

    20th December 2016

    1.    What would be your dream role to play? ~ Joel

      I would love to play any role alongside Meryl Streep or Benedict Cumberbach! I would definitely love working with Ryan Gosling as well.

    2.    I love that you take on all kinds of roles and even do your own stunts! What is your favorite kind of role to play? ~ Jia

      Hi Jia! I love performing in character roles, because they give me an opportunity to create a completely different personality outside of my own. My biggest inspiration for these sorts of roles would be the characters often portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter!

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