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  1. William LeonTeenage Boy Vampire - True Blood (TV Show)

    27th June 2016

    1.    I see that you guest starred on Kirby Buckets with Tiffany Espensen and Jacob Bertrand, what was it like working with the both of them? ~ Tiffany

      Working on the set of Kirby Buckets was a really great experience. Both Tiffany and Jacob were on set at the same time I was. Both were very gracious and made being on set very comfortable. In general, the Kirby Buckets set is a really great set to work on.

  2. Neil D'MonteThe Pianist - Bunraku (Movie)

    26th June 2016

    Our Neil D'Monte giveaway winner is...

    1. Attend the very last Rush concert or direct your own TV show with today's hottest star? - Gigi

    Congratulations, she has won an original sketch from the film 'Bunraku' and 3 playing cards given to the cast members

    His responses to the question above and more can found here -->

  3. Welcoming our newest stars
    20th June 2016

    Carson Gay

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    Jimmy Stevenson - Ortega River Rats (Movie)

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    Kiersten Murphy

    She is an actress

    Eve - The Doctor and Her Tardis (Movie)

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  4. Jena SimsCassie Statford - Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader (Movie)

    13th June 2016

    1.    What do you use as your motivation when you want to win something? ~ luthfi0

      Tina Fey. She inspires me to challenge my creativity, be the best version of myself, and not to be afraid to show my quirks. I look to her because I respect her career path.

    2.    What helps you to stay persistent and keep focused? ~ Kendal Murray

      Patience. I am probably the most patient person I know. Nothing happens overnight, and everything happens for a reason. Everyone has a different and perfect path!

    3.    Favorite country to visit? ~ mfick1

      South Africa. Beautifully diverse.

    4.    Hardest part about your career? ~ mfick1

      Not having job security. Constant rejection is a close second, I just have learned to deal with it over the years!

    5.    Favorite caffeinated beverage? ~ mfick1

      Coffee! Even the smell of it makes me happy and feel all the warm and fuzzies inside.

    6.    Who is a person who helped you get where you are today? ~ michaelabutera_xo

      My MOM! Her drive is unbelievable.

    7.    What is your definition of beauty? ~ michaelabutera_xo

      Integrity, and how you shine from the inside out. You must have inner-beauty to exude outer beauty.

    8.    If you could be anything in the world, what would you be? ~ michaelabutera_xo

      I would be a peacock! Thats my favorite animal.

  5. Jenn GotzonTricia Nixon - Frost/Nixon (Movie)

    12th June 2016

    Hey fans! I'm doing the happy dance as I have two movies rocking the movie houses in BRAZIL. My movie "Doonby" releases in theaters this week! And "God's Country (special edition cut)" released last month. You can catch Doonby at a special rate with fun DVD behind the scenes for the fans at

    Jenn Gotzon (aka Laura Reaper, Doonby)
    Jenn Gotzon (aka Meghan Doherty, God's Country)

    Connect on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @JennGOTZON

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