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  1. Kaleb ShoreyScott's Brother - Don't Go to the Reunion (Movie)

    10th December 2016

    1.    What is your next project? ~ Lily

      Keep checking back in.. it may be soon :D

  2. England SimpsonHerself - Southern Fried Stings (TV Show)

    10th December 2016

    1.    What helps you to stay persistent and keep focused? ~ Kendal Murray

      The insane amount of money that I make as a Reality Star keeps me persistent and focused. Haha!!!! Truthfully, being able to represent a group that is grossly underrepresented in media is what keeps me going. I feel as if it's my job, my responsibility, to continue to create art that showcases people that look like me.

    2.    If you could give a room full of children one tip what would it be? ~ Erin L Hubbs

      I look into the eyes of 20 children, every day, and I tell them the same thing... At midnight you will turn into your favorite animal. Use that ability to fight crime, or steal electronics... Your choice.

    3.    What type of roles have you rejected and why? ~ Erin L Hubbs

      I've never really been in a position to reject a role. However, there was one project that required me to 'titty slap' an elderly man... I refused to do that scene.

    4.    When you shoot away from home, what about home do you miss most? ~ Erin L Hubbs

      My niece, Denise. Her name is really Asia, but I call her Denise.

      **Joke courtesy of Nick Kroll.**

    5.    If you could grace the cover of any magazine, what would it be titled and why? ~ Erin L Hubbs

      My dream cover would have to be 'Snack Attack: The Magazine for Snacking Connoisseurs'
      My second and third choices? Vegetarian Times and Plus Model Magazine.

    6.    What made you get into your profession??? ~ naturalborn

      I guess I'm a masochist. I love the rejection and anxiety that acting brings to my life. Wait, that's not true... I love telling stories, I truly love to make people laugh and think. I used to watch my older sister perform Stage Theater, and to watch her transform into another person enamored me.

  3. Lulu LambrosEllie Peters - Stuck In The Middle (TV Show)

    5th December 2016

    1.    What is your favorite holiday? ~ Tiffany

      Hi Tiffany. Wow, my favorite holiday... that would have to be any holiday that I can spend with as many family members and friends as possible. The more the merrier! Thank you for asking, and happy holidays to you and your family!

  4. Welcoming our newest star
    4th December 2016

    Lulu Lambros

    She is an actress

    Ellie Peters - Stuck In The Middle (TV Show)

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  5. Aija TeraudaMrs Krawetz - The Knick (TV Show)

    21st November 2016

    1.    OMG is that you Aija? I just love you in The Knick! How you get your hair like that? ~ Kylie

      Thank you Kylie for watching The Knick! Hair stylists made my hair every time when I was on the set before the shooting. I did enjoy it very much because I can look really different with my looks which are created by hair stylists.

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