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  1. Medhaa Banaji Author/Actress/Youtuber

    22nd February 2017

    1.    What is your favorite thing about being a youtuber? ~ Ayushi Gupta

      My favorite thing about being a youtuber would definitely be making fun videos and connecting with the audience! I also love doing giveaways and reading all your sweet comments!:)

  2. Brandon Tyler RussellBen - Smitty (Movie)

    21st February 2017

    1.    Did it hurt to get your ears pierced? ~ Jared

      I thought it would, so at first I only got one ear pierced. Then, once I realized it didn't hurt and I didn't like just wearing one earring - I got the other side done. Now that I have had both ears pierced for years, I don't even wear them that often anymore.

    2.    Hi Tyler! :) What are you looking forward to in 2017? ~ Alexa

      I look forward to this year being very successful. I wrapped Beverly Hills Christmas 2 in January and I start filming Halloween: The Night Evil Died in March. Hopefully the rest of the year will go just as well with more projects to work on!

  3. Medhaa Banaji Author/Actress/Youtuber

    21st February 2017

    Hi! I'm Medhaa from the youtube channel Stylistically Sweet, where I go by M. Our youtube channel is all about baking, fashion, DIY's, travel, arts and crafts, lifestyle, and more! We currently have a polaroid camera giveaway on our channel which is open to all of our subscribers. Hopefully we can hit 10K soon:) Make sure to check out and subscribe to our channel for some exciting new videos and projects coming up soon! I'll be posting new updates later!:)

  4. Angel SessionsYou Send Me Higher - Singer

    19th February 2017

    1.    How did you begin you career? ~ Demetrius

      I started in 1990. I knew I wanted to be a singer, so I started looking for studios to record my first two love songs i have written. I never looked back from that point. Thats how I started my career.

  5. Alexander NifongShepard - Oh, You Pretty Things! (TV Show)

    19th February 2017

    1.    How do you handle or deal with stress? ~ Jessica Brown

      I spend an hour every day meditating and praying. When that's not enough, I love running - I used to run 9-15 miles a day. Thanks for your question!

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