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  1. Abbie BennettActor / Singer

    24th October 2016

    1.    If you could do a duet with any singer or group who would it be and why? ~ Jason

      Probably Selena Gomez, because she is an amazing singer, and such an inspiration in my music, it'd be amazing to get a chance to sing with her!

  2. Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

    22nd October 2016

    1.    Did you get the role Tessa in one go or did you have to try multiple times? ~ Jamie

      I went in originally and auditioned for it, then each time they wanted Tessa back they called to check my availability.

  3. Bailey Marie IngersollDani Hudson - Realm: The Second Beginning (Movie)

    22nd October 2016

  4. Paul J. AlessiKyle - Alpha Males Experiment (Movie)

    21st October 2016

    1.    What's your favorite time of the year? ~ Sadie Smith

      Well as you may or may not know I am a Libra, so I am going to list my favorites about them:

      - Autumn, Visually I am very fond of fall season on the east coast. The smell of the fireplaces, the pines, and most of all I just love all the beautiful colors of the leave during these wonderful autumn months.

      - Winter, The feel and energy of winter during the holiday season are totally magical for me. The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza, Ice Skating, The Horse and Buggies, The Holiday shows, The New Years Eve Ball Dropping, all the light and festivities... I can ramble on but I am sure you get the picture.

      - Summer, Now how can you not like the summer time... BBQ's, the beach, the beautiful Weather, and the amazing sunsets...

    2.    What is it like fighting with a light saber? ~ Kylo Ren

      Well let me say that fighting with a light saber was totally awesome and getting to see it on screen after that fact was almost as cool. Preparing for the shoot, I did some homework and through some friends, I found extremely talented fighter and instructor who taught me "Kendo Japanese Sword Fighting" to train for the saber fight. It was an amazing experience. Then just prior to the shoot I worked with the fight coordinator 2 or 3 times to workout the moves and to do some blocking. The coronation and the blocking was very different from the actually way I was taught to fight by the Kendo Japanese Sword fighting teacher. Like any other fight in film, it's much slower and bigger swings so that the camera reads the action and that it makes sense. Doing it the fight properly is hard to capture and doesn't look or read very well. It feels completely wrong and weird but at the end of the day it all works out and looks great. Again my overall experience was pretty exciting and awesome. Minus getting hit over the top of my head with a wooden dowel Sword/Saber while shooting. ;-) That's another story for another day ;-)

  5. Cleo TellierRheanne - Degrassi: The Next Generation (TV Show)

    21st October 2016

    1.    What do you usually do for your birthday? ~ Lakeisha

      Get some drinks, have dinner, party at a bar. Spend time with my friends.

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